Louisiana Tax Forms - State Income Tax Return Guide

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State Income Tax Forms for Louisiana   

Louisiana is one of 41 states that collect a state income tax. If you are a full time, part-time or nonresident of Louisiana and filed a federal tax return, you must also file an individual tax return with the state of Louisiana.


State Income Tax Forms

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Individual Income Tax Return

Individual Income Earners

You earned any income in Louisiana as a full-time, part-time or nonresident.

W-4 Withholding Allowance

Employers, Employees

You need to file or adjust a Louisiana withholding tax status.

Extension to File Requests

Individual Income Earners

You need an extension to file your state income taxes.

Estimated Income Tax Forms

Self-employed Individuals, Independent Contractors

You are required to pay monthly or quarterly estimated state income taxes.

All State Income Tax Forms

Income Earners

You need to find any state income tax form applicable to Louisiana.


Property Tax Forms for Louisiana

Louisiana doesn’t collect property taxes at the state level. Property taxes are instead collected at the local level, by cities, counties and school districts. Homestead exemptions are not automatic in Louisiana; you must file an application with your county assessor to receive the property tax discount.


Property Tax Forms

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Homestead Exemption


You qualify for a homestead exemption on your primary residence.

Property Tax Exemption Forms

Home, Land, Property Owners

You qualify for any number of property tax exemptions in Louisiana. Must file locally.

All Property Tax Forms

Home, Land, Property Owners

You own any property in Louisiana, including a home, land or commercial real estate.


All Other Tax Forms for Louisiana

Louisiana is one of 25 states that has a Vehicle Property Tax, which is filed locally. All Louisiana specific tax forms, specialty forms and motor vehicle forms provided below.


All Other Forms

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Vehicle Property TaxOwner of a Motor VehicleYou own a motor vehicle. Vehicle property tax is filed locally.

Motor Vehicle Tax Forms

Buyer, Seller in Vehicle Transactions

You bought, sold or need to register a motor vehicle in Louisiana.

All Louisiana Tax Forms

Any Tax Filer

You need to find any tax form applicable to Louisiana.


Helpful Resources for Filing Louisiana Tax Forms   

Louisiana offers installment agreements for help paying tax bills, income tax credits and official resources for understanding and filing local property tax forms. The main Louisiana tax form and instruction portal is also provided.


LA Filing Resources

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Installment Payment Agreement

Filers Unable to Pay Tax Bill in Full

You can’t pay your tax bill in full but wish to make monthly payments instead.

Income Tax Credits

Potentially Any Tax Filer

You want to see what income tax credits Louisiana has to offer and if you qualify.

Property Tax Relief Credit

Qualifying Homeowners

You want to see if you qualify for a property tax relief credit. Qualification for exemptions are found through your local assessor's office. 

Property Tax County Directory

Home, Land, Property Owners

You need to contact your county property tax office.

Louisiana Forms and Instructions

Any Tax Filer

You need detailed information on any of the various taxes Louisiana collects.

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